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'Evolution of the Gramophone World' Exhibition, April 12 - May 3, History of Kyiv Museum

Теле Неделя

A look at the 20th century through audio recording equipment will be presented at the History of Kyiv Museum, starting April 12. Everything from late 19th to early 20th century photographs (remember the machine Mr. Higgins used to record Elisa Doolittle's voice in 'My Fair Lady'?) to hi-tech 1990s stereos will be displayed. Unique gramophones and wartime patephones will be on show, alongside contemporary vinyl art by Igor Romanovsky. Romanovsky, a well-known Ukrainian sculptor, is famous for his musical sculpture in what he calls a R0MART style. The interesting thing about his creations is that many are made of vinyl discs, united under a general musical theme. One of them, 'Collision of Generations', was purchased by Uriah Heep's Lee Kerslake in 1999. You can also see Romanovsky's works at Dixieland (a ceramic Ella Fitzgerald above the piano). The exhibition will feature unique vinyl discs as well as gramophone music. Call the History of Kyiv Museum on 293-6071 for further details.

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